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C U S T O M   F R A M I N G


Be delighted with your creative and tastefully framed artwork by our expert craftsmen with over 30 years experience.  Only the finest quality conservation materials are used to preserve your art treasures.


We are skilled in the preservation of …..

  • valuable originals & fine art prints

  • treasured photographs

  • diplomas

  • mirrors

  • delicate needlework

  • prized jerseys

  • unique objects


We also offer in-house professional ..…

  • canvas stretching

  • dry mounting

  • creative mat cutting

  • shadow boxing  


We assist you in combining the right colours and textures to best enhance your artwork while complimenting your room, lifestyle and budget.  


On display is a beautiful selection of both wood and metal frames, in a wide range of styles, from the very ornate to the simple and contemporary, exclusively manufactured by superior companies.  These sample frames are carefully selected in order to include a variety of unique finishes, exquisite embossing and intriguing patterns.  


A variety of photo frames in rare Italian woods is also available.


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